A Spectrum of Offensive Cyber Operations

Countries are increasingly employing capabilities that directly target their adversaries' networks. Yet most intrusions are not attacks, most attacks are not warfare, and a select few have physical ramifications. Despite the apparent novelty of these capabilities, they trace many of their characteristics to other well-understood disciplines. This talk will explore the spectrum of offensive cyber operations as we see them today and trace their lineage to their roots in electronic warfare and signals intelligence. On establishing the foundations of the offensive craft, the session will introduce concepts that help group offensive capabilities by both their technical characteristics and their potential military uses. From tactical attacks meant to impact local equipment to strategic capabilities meant to destabilise regional infrastructure, Daniel will examine how different countries employ these capabilities by examining their strategy, doctrine, and analysing existing case studies.


Daniel Moore is currently a teaching fellow at the War Studies Department in King's College London, from which he holds a PhD focused on cyber-warfare. He also works as a research and development team lead at Accenture Security, where he designs and builds threat intelligence platforms. Daniel has previously held several private and public positions in cyber-security and intelligence, dating back nearly fifteen years to when he served as an officer in Israeli military intelligence.


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