The Politics and Technology of Cyber Security

Cyberspace is both a deeply technical and a deeply political space with daily reminders at all levels, from small businesses through to national institutions, as to how vulnerable we all are. The events of the past decade have served to show that cyber security is and will remain one of the world’s most pressing security concerns, yet in many ways our understanding of this space remains infantile and prone to hyperbole. In this talk, Danny Steed will discuss his upcoming new book in the attempt to marry a closer understanding of the technical possibilities afforded by cyberspace with the political desires of those actors who must operate with it.

After completing his PhD in 2012, Danny Steed was appointed Lecturer in Strategy and Defence at the University of Exeter, where he helped to build the nascent Strategy and Security Institute. His academic specialisms lie in strategic theory, cyber security and warfare, intelligence practices, future technology, and the history of war broadly. Danny is currently finishing his second book, The Politics and Technology of Cyber Security, with Taylor & Francis.

Danny left the University of Exeter to join the Cabinet Office in operational cyber security, where he served for two years in both Operations and Incident Management. His specialism during this time was facilitating confidential information sharing between government and industry. He left public service to join ReSolve Cyber as its Head of Strategy, which delivers discreet cyber security services to businesses (SME to Enterprise) and Private Clients.



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