The Human Story of Cybernetics


The “cyber” world has become the definitional and the transformative context for human interactions. Where, when, and how, did this chapter of the human story start? What is “Cybernetics”? What are the relationships in history and in contemporary actuality between the terms Cyber and Cybernetics? Our fate in this technological era will not be the outcome of technological determinism. Rather, our fate will be determined by human choices and actions. This seminar will discuss the improvement of the quality of our thoughts and deeds in relation to the cyber world.

Colin Williams is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Warwick. He is a leading figure in the international cyber security community with twenty years of experience in enterprise IT, information assurance, and cybersecurity. As a director of Software Box Ltd., he develops and leads the business development strategy of a leading UK provider of independent cybersecurity solutions to central government, blue light services, and the wider public sector. He consults and speaks on cyber security and strategic enterprise IT procurement in the UK and internationally.


The Cyber Studies Programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the Estonian Government.