Government, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age

The Cyber Studies Programme, in collaboration with Tallinn University’s Institute of Informatics, is conducting a three-day training session for 150 students on “Government, Security, and Conflict in the Cyber Age” in Tallinn, Estonia, on May 28-30, 2015. 

​The event is the first in a series of several Oxford Training Sessions on the Modern Information Society designed specifically for political and social science students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Dr Lucas Kello, Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Programme Director, serves as faculty chair of the course. The Oxford teaching staff also includes Professor Andrew Martin, Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, and Florian Egloff, Clarendon Scholar and DPhil candidate in Cyber Security. 

The training sessions are funded by the European Social Fund and the Estonian Government.