“Future Skies" Workshop: Private Industry and Public Policies Shaping the Space Sector

Oxford University's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs has launched, in collaboration with The Flying Object venture fund and the UK Space Agency, a leading effort to explore the future of the global space and aviation sectors. Following the successful "Robotic Skies" Workshop on drone policies, which the Centre held in Oxford's Rhodes House in 2018, this year's event will explore the complex interplay between policy, governance, and technological innovation within the space sector.

On June 20th and 21st, the Centre will hold the "Future Skies" Workshop: Private Industry and Public Policies Shaping the Space Sector in Oxford. The workshop will provide a diverse forum to synthesize insights from governments, industry, and academia to inform future developments in the industry among major spacefaring countries and organizations. The main audience of the event will comprise senior executives from technology companies, government representatives, representatives from national space agencies, officials from relevant international and regional organizations, as well as academics specializing in cutting-edge research on space technologies and governance.

The discussion will seek to facilitate inter-sectoral dialogue on the following topics, among others:

  • Space Innovation – Technological and other developments that are driving the commercialization of space
  • Space Security - Security and defence trends affecting the space sector
  • Space in Times of Geopolitical Flux - Challenges and opportunities for the UK and European space sector

A report summarizing the proceedings and policy briefs with recommendations for policy actions, which will be distributed to participants and the public.


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