Applied AI for Organizational Yield

You’ve heard it many times by now: we are entering a period of innovation and disruption, fueled by the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and solutions. Some believe this is hype. Others believe that AI is a general-purpose technology on par with the invention of electricity and the steam engine, and that it will usher in a new economic and social era. By the end of this workshop, you can decide.

In this seminar, senior leaders from r4 Technologies will share real-world examples of how AI is helping companies extract more “yield” from their existing resources, and how governmental organizations might do the same. They will provide a framework for understanding how “Enterprise AI” technologies, tools and solutions are emerging and how they can be used to disrupt (and avoid own disruption).

Created by the founders of Priceline ( in Europe), r4 is leading the world in empowering enterprises to achieve new growth. Delivering an entirely new management discipline of enterprise yield, r4 employs the power of AI to discover and capture revenue and profit opportunities previously trapped in existing processes and IT infrastructures. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Munich, Dublin and London, r4 global clients include some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations and leaders, advancing core capabilities as disruptors in their markets.

Ralf-Dieter serves as General Manager, EMEA at r4. Prior to this role, he worked at Accenture for over 20 years as a Partner and was responsible for sales and delivery of Consulting, Technology & Outsourcing services across client portfolios in Europe. His personal focus areas include business value generation from data and artificial intelligence, business led digital transformations as well as IT Strategy & Technology innovations.


All are welcome. Lunch will be provided at 12.15pm.

Places are limited. To book a seat, please register on Eventbrite.