AI Adoption Strategies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now well established as a transformative technology across multiple industries as well as in government and in scientific research. The impact of AI comes from its effect on intelligent decisionmaking and predictions as well as from its facilitation of greater automation. As a general purpose technology, AI's beneficial impact can be considered akin to the invention of electricity or the development of the Internet. Such capabilities, however, are tempered by concerns, such as privacy infringement and automation induced unemployment. In this seminar, Abhishek Dasgupta and Steven Wendler will discuss the key considerations that influence AI adoption in industry and government through general technological adoption frameworks. They will also discuss the risks and opportunities as well as present recommendations for further AI adoption.


About the speakers

Abhishesk Dasgupta is Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs. He focusses on the impact of artificial intelligence on government and society; the use of machine learning to inform policy issues and political science theory; the role of open source and open data in artificial intelligence; and the existential risk from artificial intelligence.

Steven Wendler is a Senior Strategist at r4 Technologies.


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