1st "Robotic Skies" Workshop: The Role of Private Industry and Public Policy in Shaping the Drones Industry


Robotic Skies Participants Photographed by Drone



Oxford University's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, together with Measure and other drone companies and organizations, joined forces in a leading effort to explore the future governance landscape of civil airspace and the global industry for Unmanned and Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (UAVs & AAVs).

As part of this initiative, the Centre hosted the 1st "Robotic Skies" Workshop: The Role of Private Industry and Public Policy in Shaping the Drones Industry on June 21st and 22nd in Oxford. The workshop brought together practitioners, policymakers, and experts from industry, government, and academia to examine governance and regulatory challenges associated with the burgeoning UAV and AAV industry. 

Discussions at the workshop examined the latest developments in drones-as-a-service, Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), technological advances in geofencing, industry-led initiatives in raising safety awareness of drones users, as well as the interplay between data, digitalization, and automation in facilitating the future commercialization of UAV and AAV technologies. 

Senior speakers at the workshop included Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General of Mobility and Transport at the European Commission; Pavel Abdur-Rahman, Data Scientist and Associate Partner at IBM; Jessie Mooberry, Head of Deployment with Altiscope from Airbus; and Christian Struwe, Head of European Public Policy at DJI, among others.  Read more...