Stephanie Hare Discusses AI and Ethics

Stephanie Hare


Stephanie Hare and Daisy

On October 24 2018, the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs welcomed Stephanie Hare  to speak on the topic of "AI and Ethics." Hare is an independent researcher, commentator, and consultant working on technology and politics, and has recently written about the challenges posed by the implementation of biometric systems and automated-decision making for the BBC and Project Syndicate.

Hare spoke about approaches that could be used to better engage ethical frameworks in the deployment and design of emerging technologies. She emphasized the complexity of current data-driven systems and the challenges they can pose for politics and society. How can ethical frameworks be deployed across a diverse range of stakeholders? Are ethical codes of conducts for technologists going to save us, or will regulation be required?

Throughout the seminar, Hare made a compelling case that ethical frameworks for technology are an essential part of the design process, and should be applied through closer collaboration and conversation across disciplines.