Nikita Chiu Presents at United Nations/Germany High-Level Forum

Nikita Chiu on the model ISS

(c) DLR

Nikita Chiu speaking in Bonn

(c) DLR


Centre Research Fellow Dr. Nikita Chiu addressed the United Nations/Germany High-Level Forum "The way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030" in Bonn. Along with representatives from JAXA, Airbus, and WHO at a session on "Furthering Sustainable Development and Strengthening International Cooperation on Global Health and Low-Emission and Resilient Societies," Dr. Chiu presented on the use of space technologies in enhancing international regimes and disaster preparedness. She emphasized that space technologies are integral to the daily functioning of multiple international organizations, including the Global Alarm System to provide real-time tsunami warning, and the Global Communication Infrastructure of the Preparatory Commission of the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBTO). She asserted that international organizations need to strengthen collaboration in order to maximize impact, and to tackle challenges posed to the current multilateral governance architecture.

The Forum also composed of a visit to the European Astronaut Centre of the European Space Agency. Delegates from across the world had the opportunity to visit the training modules of the International Space Station - a truly unique experience.