Nick Dean from the UK Cabinet Office discusses the UK's New 'Fusion Doctrine' in Cyberspace

On May 16, the Oxford Centre for Technology and Global Affairs welcomed Nick Dean from the UK Cabinet Office to speak at our lunchtime seminar series on the topic of "Free, Open, Peaceful and Secure: Applying the UK's New 'Fusion Doctrine' in Cyberspace". Nick Dean has been Deputy Director for Cyber Defence issues since July 2017 and coordinates work across HM Government to mitigate state-based cyber threats, as well as central crisis management of major cyber incidents.

Dean began the presentation with a overview of the UK's approach to cybersecurity, and the Government’s ambition to foster a cyberspace which is free, open, peaceful and secure. However, the pace, scale, and complexity of the cyber-threat poses a constant challenge for states' understanding and response. Dean described the Fusion Doctrine which aims to develop a holistic, across the government approach to cybersecurity, and improving the agility of response.

The discussion emphasised the complexity of cybersecurity, particularly as a political issue, and issues with development of international norms in this area.