Centre Director Lucas Kello Discusses Cyber Threats at European Commission High-Level Hearing

sir julian king and lucas kello

Centre Director Lucas Kello has given testimony before the European Commission High-Level Hearing on the on “Strategic Autonomy in the Digital Age” on 17 December 2018. The Hearing focused on how Europe can best protect its strategic interests in an age when digitalization and ubiquitous connectivity expose nations to new threats and vulnerabilities, while a weakening of the EU’s industrial and technological base has led to an overreliance on non-EU components in the value chains of certain sectors. This has led to growing concerns over security of supply and the integrity of critical information infrastructure. The Hearing was held at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels and was moderated by Director-General Ann Mettler, Head of the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC), and Lewin Schmitt, Policy Analyst.


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