Lucas Kello Gives Evidence to House of Lords Committee

Centre Director Lucas Kello has appeared before the House of Lords International Relations Committee to give evidence to its inquiry into "UK Foreign Policy in Changed World Conditions."  

In responding to questions about significant changes in the international landscape to which UK Foreign Policy should respond, Dr Kello set the context of current technological changes, arguing that traditional analytical approaches and the binary notions of war and peace are no longer sufficient to understand the threats of the 'cyber revolution'. He argued that, as Russia's conventional military prowess has reduced, it has prioritised information warfare. It is the response to this, he believes, that many countries struggle with, as the consequences of these activities are not overtly violent or destructive, like an act of war.  

Dr Kello appeared alongside Dr Neville Bolt, Director of the Centre for Strategic Communications, King's College London, Professor Michael Clarke, Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and Mr Paul Maidment, Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica.  

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