James Shires on Cybersecurity in Egypt and the Gulf States

On January 23 2019, Centre Research Affiliate James Shires spoke on the manifestation of cybersecurity by diverse actors is an understudied region – Egypt and the Gulf States. The ambiguous state of cybersecurity is used by various actors to alter values and technical concepts within this professional discourse for their own ends. In demonstrating the multiplication of several distinct cybersecurities across Egypt and the Gulf states, Shires investigates a range of actors: NGOs, government organizations, international suppliers, and the local cybersecurity industry. His research speaks volumes to three distinct areas of studies: international relations, area studies, and cybersecurity.

 Shires is also a research fellow with the Cyber Security Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, and a DPhil candidate (expected 2019) in International Relations at the University of Oxford, having submitted his thesis on cybersecurity in Egypt and the Gulf states in August 2018.