The Italian Cybersecurity Skills Shortage in the International Context

Many technologically-developed countries view the current lack of cybersecurity professionals in the labor market – the so-called “cybersecurity skills shortage (CSSS)” – as a threat to their cybersecurity. Difficulties in matching cybersecurity supply with demand have been reported in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States; these countries have also been among the most active in mitigating the shortage through comprehensive po-licy strategies. Apart from them, however, and despite the claims of a global cyber security workforce shortfall, there is only anecdotal evidence on the presence of the shortage in other parts of the world, partially due to the fact that so little scientific research has been done so far on the topic.

In his new report, Tommaso de Zan examines the Italian cybersecurity skills shortage and the challenges facing the sector, including budgetary constraints and the weak development of Italian cybersecurity policy.


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