Dr Innar Liiv on the Use of Data Science and Big Data in the Public Sector

On 15 June 2016, Innar Liiv, Associate Professor of Data Science in the Department of Informatics at Tallinn University of Technology and a Cyber Studies Visiting Research Fellow, gave a seminar on the use of data science and Big Data in the public sector. The talk reviewed conceptual frameworks that help to make sense of "Data for Policy” as an emerging field of interdisciplinary study. Dr Liiv also discussed policy challenges and opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, Big Data sources, and emerging research domains (computational social science and political bots), as well as de-anonymisation and privacy issues.

The seminar attracted researchers and students from across the University as well as practitioners in the public and private sectors. Dr Liiv’s research interests include e-government and data science, social network analysis, organisational network science, computational social science, seriation, clustering, information visualization, and data mining technology transfer to industrial and governmental applications.

You can read more about Dr Liiv's work here