Abhishek Dasgupta, Steven Wendler, and the Team From r4 Technologies Explore AI Adoption Strategies

On 7 May 2019, Oxford CTGA’s Research Fellow Abhishek Dasgupta with Steven Wendler and the team from r4 Technologies, spoke at the Centre about AI Adoption Strategies.

They started the presentation with an account on r4 Technologies as an active actor amidst the developing market of Enterprise AI. It was followed by a detailed discussion about their collaboration in the working paper, starting with an important observation about AI demand and AI supply,  and an overview of the market-oriented processes concerning the technology.

They moved on to discuss the theoretical and practical enablers and inhibitors of AI adoption strategies, revolving mainly around questions of why, when, and how  actors adopt the emerging technology. By positioning AI as ageneral-use technology, the speakers subjected the technology to conventional and traditional frameworks of studying and utilising revolutionary innovations. In other words, they argued that previous innovations offer beneficial comparisons and analogies with which to understand AI.  The presentation ended with a discussion of a resourceful array of use cases from both public and private actors, as well as with incisive recommendations for future development and uses of AI.


Abhishek Dasgupta is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs. He focusses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on government and society; the use of machine learning to inform policy issues and political science theory; the role of open source and open data in Artificial Intelligence; and the existential risk from Artificial Intelligence.

Steven Wendler is a Senior Strategist at r4 Technologies. r4 Technologies is the pioneer of cross-enterprise AI, which enables C-Suite leaders to drive growth and efficiency and a minimum 10x ROI per use case.


Read the full AI Adoption Strategies working paper here